Extracts from eulogy

Commissioned 2010. This work may not be reproduced by any process, including printing. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for being here to commemorate the life of my dear mother-in-law, Mary Louise Johnson.

Mary was much loved by many family and friends, and I’m honoured today to be able to tell you a little about her life.

As well as a loving wife, Mary was an enterprising businesswoman. Soon after her marriage she opened a shop in Smith Street — appropriately for Mary, a hairdressing salon. She wasn’t a hairdresser herself, but an entrepreneur, employing several stylists. She named the salon ‘Mary Louise’, and with her hard work and attention to detail, it did well. After a couple of years she was able to open a second salon in Davis Street. Eventually she was able to sell both for a handsome profit, which gave Joe the finance to set up his construction, concrete and limestone businesses.

One of Mary’s favourite TV shows was ‘Neighbours’. She never missed an episode and became wrapped up in the story. Tammy once answered the phone and got a shock to hear Mary crying.

‘What’s wrong, Mum?’ she said.

It turned out that one of the characters on ‘Neighbours’ had died.

Mary leaves behind three children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She was a great and beautiful lady who gave all of us her unselfish love and many happy memories.