The socks surrender

Socks, after KonMari, sushi-rolled and set
in lines. I am a little girl again,
singing a pattern, stripes and blacks.
Like so many backs. Moslems crouched
in a crowded mosque. Buddhists prostrated
before a statue. Yogis curled
in child’s pose. I am

seventeen again. Bono raises
the white flag. On a Sunday,
Bloody Sunday. This is not
a rebel song. I was blind but now

a little girl again.
To the Divine. One
another. The young
Irish, their hope. 33

years ago. I was blind
singing a pattern.
I was blind
before a statue.

But now

KonMari is a Japanese-inspired method of decluttering and organising devised by Marie Kondo.

From A coat of ashes