That girdle!

A movement in the outerverse
A quantum jump, a state change starting a wave
As far as we’ve got in thousands of years
A vegetable attached to a rock
Calling for Mother in the night
I at the surface don’t see the drip
I see the wave, not the jump
Ripples in the pooliverse
Someone says that there is no rock
and that there is no rock is the rock
Stop — write poems to the rock
Stretching toward the moon
Supposed to just go a-ha
That Gödel! His theorem!
The calling voice
The fear of the brain dissolving
The plant that flowers every spring
The projection of a larger movement
The seed calling for the sun, the rain
The sprouted seed
The sudden rhythm
The things the body wants
The tree that must always grow more branches
The voice that depends on darkness
Tomorrow the heartbeat ripples are gone
Tomorrow there is almost no rain
To love them anyway
To not care that they’re broken
To stop
Waves appear on the surface
Waves also descend through the water
and hit the bottom and bounce
Without a cogito, without a poem

From A coat of ashes