Please be reassured

Please be reassured
that devices of your class
are highly valued.
Self-maintenance is unnecessary
as servicing and consumables
are provided frequently.

Efficient operation is all
that is required,
along with appropriate noises
produced within projected timeframes.
Devices of your class are numbered
among our assets.

In the event of malfunction
repair may be feasible. If not,
repositioning may
be available. For example
a refrigerator
may become a cupboard.

In this eventuality
please be reassured
that no noises
are necessary.

Alternatively you may be placed
on the roadside. In accordance
with our safety and privacy policies,
hazardous components will be removed,
together with any components
that may be attractive to scavengers.

In this eventuality
please be reassured
that no action
is necessary.

(First published on Uneven Floor)