Over Heard

The underlying thing of that whole thing
That’s not for her to letter in

It’s out of my price range, lady
Tower, like I heard

Maybe you were blase
But he flew as a criminal

It’s interesting, you know
The outstanding ant

Two parents who are married
So he dies on the moors

Regular problems
Certainly you were excited

It’s within my debt cage, bitch
To moor his boat

That’s not for her to figure out
Or was she sober?

So Dave’s still working
And then he came to Mawson Base

And in IT he got bored
That jagged ease she might have had

Have a day without
That partial ant

A slowness
The anarchy of the moors

Or was she drunk?
And in theatre he got enthralled

Well, like I said
He trained as a lawyer

So Jenny’s still relaxing
Couldn’t stand

The Mawson Base sand collective
So you forget

Then he went to London
To disfigure himself in taverns

His aeroplane, and his destroying play
He lives on the Thames

So he’s now able to represent himself in court
To release his aeroplane

It’s dull, you have no idea
The law of the Thames

Forgets his place
A scientist, a physicist

Couldn’t sit
He’s always building