We want men with

(Written during the 2007 Australian election campaign.)

So we fall for the alpha male like every other chick

But who is the alpha male?
The one with the sexiest
hair? No.
The one with the biggest
corporation? No.
The one with the most
friends? No.
The one with the cleverest
ideas? No.

It’s the one who treats everyone
with respect, who doesn’t diss others
to get ahead, who doesn’t hold grudges,
who is strong enough to talk to his enemies,
who admits he’s scared but acts anyway.
It’s the one who gives us something
to live up to. It’s the one who knows how to
love, who is brave enough to show us his
soul. It’s the one who feels no need to be cool,
who does things because they’re right, not
because of what we’ll think.

It’s the one who dares to speak
when others are numb and silent
or laughing embarrassed into their drinks.

It’s the one with the voice.

Yeah. We want men
with strong voices.