train ipod 7/4/08

fakn it with all these / in my
pink leopardspot stretch velvet fake fur black collar / fakn it
with all these


Listen Listen / before it

into complexly schemed intertwined vines
fruited with echoes, wearing
black w/flashes of
              flashes of
gleaming pin/k + sil
ver ice + the is
ness of all its & the solid the blocked-
in wriggle-thumping solidity
of the

Listen Listen / before it
dies Listen / before it
yellow line
Doors sealed with black rubber

Grey floor patterned
with a broken grid, broken lines,
down & across, like the map of a
disturbed city centre stamped endlessly
across the whole flat earth

Seats designed for someone small,
seats with red
diagonal lines, active,
athletic, getup&go, don’t

Listen / before it
yellow line red line

‘Musicophilia’, she said. Oliver Sacks. Do I
want a name?
And why everything these colours?
And why such blatant, such extreme?

yellow line red line

How long can I live in a house
with beige tiles in the kitchen?
Gonna have to

The Moon again, The Moon cafe, a place that almost
feels like home
when we’re an alien
Let’s go to
Let’s go to the Moon or anywhere
                               or anywhere
but ‘home’