We reach for each other & miss
We reach for someone’s hands
Someone reaches for our hands
But there’s too much space
and we miss

I’m driving home to my bed
The lights are red again The cars
on the other road
can go, but I can’t
I have to wait

I hate this city
where friends sleep
at opposite ends of the freeways
If this were Europe we would be sleeping so far apart that we would not
be in the same country

We reach for each other & miss

And it’s not that you are not the person I thought
you were   You are exactly
the person I thought you were
But I am not the person
I thought I was
I am seeing who I am

I don’t want you to change
I want you to see who you are
I want you to be
the man that you could be
I want you all to be
the men that you could be
The men that you should be
I want you to go
through the fire and ice of the rites of passage

All the boys   I said to ACR She said
ACR said
You want to go to bed with someone
I didn’t know what to say She said
Not just sex Love
Intimacy   I said Yeah that’s right
I want someone
like me
that I can talk to Someone
that reads the text
& doesn’t just look
at the pictures

come up beside me & put your arm around me & I could lean my head
on your shoulder but it wouldn’t be real would it? It wouldn’t be real You
would just be playing You’re always just playing Nothing is ever real
because you
are afraid
of that

and I’m afraid too
I’m not
gonna let it stop me
from being real
any more

There goes a cab
A black cab
with its light on
and no-one in it
Just the driver