I wish I was a gay man


I wish I was a gay man and you were my straight brother

We’d shoot pool and drink and scan for talent
You’d tell me about your girls
and I’d tell you about my boys
I’d steal your nail polish and eyeliner
and borrow all your books

I wish I was a gay man
because gay boys fuck
Sharp eyes, long limbs,
skin, sweat, strength

I wouldn’t have a vagina,
that unfillable unnamable space

I’d have a willy,
a peter, a dick
A big insertable clit
that I could thrust and thrust
until it screamed its silent scream

embraced by his hot flesh
His nails in my contracting buttocks
My left hand on his tense right pec
My right on his straining cock

Then my lips on the back of his velvet neck

and after a while
we’d switch positions
and give each other the same,
identical, equal