Green dot

Gmail showed a green dot
beside your name
just under the green dot
beside mine
We the two awake dots
among the sleeping greys

One easy click to chat you,
reach through the net,
pop up a smile —

One easy click for you,
too. Maybe your screen
had many other dots
equally green, and mine
was way down the list,
outside the frame —
or maybe your screen did
juxtapose our dots,
but you were busy
with your emails

I only wanted
to say ‘Hey’, as if
I was working, and you
came in. I’d look up,
smile, say ‘Hey’.
You’d smile back,
say ‘Hey’ back,
go to the fridge.

One easy click …

One easy click to pop up
a box.
A terse prompt.
An underscore.

I looked at your green dot
again, read your name
once more,
looked up,
said ‘Hey’

An earlier version of this poem was published in Positive Words