Aren’t we?

Just text me, will you?
I don’t know where you are
but I’m in the park
with my phone, crying
behind sunglasses

So life is really
friends & their babies
and not these obsessions and loves?
Life is that? All the
shallow smiles?

A man does tai chi, or something.
Does it help?
He does it fast, jerky.
I thought tai chi was slow.
It’s scary.

I wanted to be with you all day
Just hanging out, not saying much,
playing guitars

A black-booted woman texts somebody
Let’s all text each other Let’s
hug hello, hug goodbye We’re
one big village
Aren’t we?

This is why people get spiritual.
I tried that and found
that spirit needs to be shared
to be sustained.
Needs communion.

In that moment, as I underlined communion,
you texted me.
In that moment
I thought
it mattered.

(First published in Another Lost Shark)