We are pinned like prayer
flags, fluttering in
all the winds, fixed
by our hands nailed
to the wooden
walls, fences, windows.

We send our prayer
emails, tunnelling to
all the temples, channelled
by tonight’s whims nailed
to the pulsing
bitstreams, servers, windows.

We are bonded, prayer
wheels spinning with
all the neighbours, trapped
by our feet nailed
to the plastic
furniture, appliances, windows.

We fire our prayer
cannons, thundering at
all the icons, frenzied
by manacled passion nailed
to the glowing
gates, paintings, windows.

They are shut with prayer
books, wailing in
all their houses, held
by our symbols nailed
to the shrieking
screens, skins, windows.

(First published in Marginata)