When we need him

When we need him
we siphon him out of the software, out of the
layers, out of the
hyper-reality and into the inter-reality
of our mouths (hands, eyes)
and release him.

When we release him
we let him out of his box, out of his
house, out of his
walled garden and into the buffeting
of the street (sea, sky)
and grow him.

When we grow him
we swell him into a blimp, into a
billboard, into a
website, and out of the hospitality
of his cushions (pools, toys)
we focus him.

When we focus him
we turn him into a lens, into a
screen, into a
speaker, and out of the foundations
of his DNA (islands, keys)
we aim him.

When we aim him
we point him into the ocean, into the
violence, into the
slums, and out of the clamouring
of our gut-fibres (horror, joy)
we use him.

And when we use him…

First published in Blast