In neon. Sodium,
electrons, gates, bricks
in each wall, outlet, store,
supermarket, chemist, cafe, tomato
taste on the tongue, tiles, bright
lighting, nonslip floor, theft-
resistant toilet
paper, sanitary disposal
unit, fluids, chemicals, network
of pipes, cables, denizens, their neurons,
teeth, hearts, blood
silent under body
jewellery, belts, shirts, temporary
tattoos, symbols, signs… Save
the Orangutan. Car
Boot Sale. School
Open Day. Mother
waiting for children, hair
of her children, skin
of her baby, new,
swaddled & slung, cells
from her left breast, milk
from her right. The face at her waist.
The eyes in the mirror. The hands
of the chiropractor, stretching, tweaking.