So church my skull

Existence is potential — energy/light/mind —
in patterns — matter, vision, word, music, cause and effect, mind

So church my skull.
Make it into a place where
       (I don’t feel like doing this now)
Into a meeting-place
       (I drink coffee wait for computer)
       (sick of ‘I’ want to take it out of poetry)
not just of words, but of
a meeting-place of minds
       (that’s such a cliche)
a meeting-place of mind, of Mind
       (what then?)
an overlapping, connecting, sharing, collecting
       (now it rhymes. ech!)
       (so? get it down now, edit later)
a transcendent place
       (not that word again)
with sweet spirit [and] music
       (music again)
where mind becomes spirit in music
where words become mind in music
where music
where mind