Peeled off

Oh go back to your wife!
Don’t look at me that way!
I would do anything but hurt you
       you with the sea in your eyes
       and the storm in your hands
       and the city lights in your mouth
I would have you a thousand times just to give you pleasure
but not hurt you.

Go back to your wife!
She is still beautiful
she is much smarter than me
she dances like a sonnet
and dresses like a haiku
and I can see that you love her
and hurting her would hurt you.
Go back to her!

Leave me to my desperation,
fantasies of your skin and voice and eyes
       jeans peeled off your slim hips,
       t-shirt off your heart
       my tongue on your nipple and my
       muscle on your cock,
       your hands in my hair
       and your voice incoherent

       and cigarettes and
       searching the Web from your lap,
       and drinks and
       late-night talk about everything

       me Yoko, you John…

No! Go back to your wife.