Nine levels

(Rumi says our souls ascend through nine levels.)

1. Crouched on the floor, cold. We look up
    and see the brand-new stars.

2. The air bubbles with starlight.
    Spring up! Shout! Laugh!
3. Chantcrowd surroundcloud raincloud. Spring up!
    Weep for one day. Forget.

4. Feet still chained by cables, cords and cash,
    I wash my broken eyes in rays and rains. Wait.

5. I never knew we were so many all-singing angels.

6. Observing the unedited stars
    we sigh to their starfire.
7. Bouncing through the window,
    we throw away our masks.
8. In the surge of sudden gravity,
    in the crush of sun and planet,
    in the arc of eyes of angels,
    take this echo.
    Touch [th]is echo.
9. Melted, spread and remade
    as plain space and as the rainbow.


(First published in The Broadkill Review)