I will be silent

When it’s over
I will be silent.
You will try to celebrate,
to go out with a bang,
but I will be silent.
There is no joy in death.

I will cry my tears silently.
There will be no-one to hold me —
no-one that matters, when you are gone.
There will be arms around me, flesh arms,
and I’ll take some comfort from that
but there will be no-one to hold me.

I’m crying now, thinking of it,
and Bob Marley is singing
‘No Woman No Cry’, making it worse.
Because look what happened to him.
What happened to his special ones?
Who holds them now?
His spirit?

Will your spirit come to hold me
when it’s over?
Will I still be able to sing?

If it is not time to cry — not yet —
then why these tears?
What is your spirit saying?

Saying ‘I will be silent’.

(First published in Pixel Papers)