Gather the dark

Bring me a thunderstorm at sunset
Decorate my giant cranium with beautiful scary pink clouds
Gather them in the west and fling them to the east —

Give me a lightshow. Give me some bass. Rumble
and stutter my tomtoms,
distant and straight
overhead so I
feel it, so I
fall with it.

Crack open the skyskull and gather the dark,
gather the dark matter, fire
neutrinos, electrons, protons.

Violence, pummel, tenderise
me, make me ready.
Break me open
and drink what flows out of me.
Parasite, suction, blend
me, make me jelly.

Give me the mantra,
the everything poem,
the chant,

the ancient brandnew notes,
the faerie banshee baby notes,
the yinyang knife-
edge balance notes
the integer-simple infinite-complex notes
the slowdance liplock discotheque ecstasy notes