For the cool one

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t know it,
the heart-lurch, the skin-zing,
the adrenaline fizz flashing along you

if that one
       sent an email
if this one
       entered a room.

Don’t tell me your pupils
wouldn’t dilate, your
palms and feet and armpits
wouldn’t sweat, your
breath wouldn’t quicken

if that one
       brushed you
if this one
       cast off a flake
       a ticket-stub or candy-wrapper
       to be your treasure.
With that DNA on it.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t shriek,
at least inside your head,
wouldn’t jump and clap,
at least inside your skin,
wouldn’t tell it eagerly

if that one
       looked back into your eyes
if this one
       spoke your name.

Don’t scorn it.
Don’t deny it.
Don’t forget it, don’t defy it.
Don’t hide, deride, override it.
It’s real. Confide it.

(First published in PixelPapers)