Dream 45 (walking)

He walks in new steps
       out of his city, his alley, his archway
walks in new steps
       feet leaving the broken shoes
       chest emerging from the bloodshot shirt
walks in new steps
       in the rain, in the rain…
always in the rain

He casts off the layers
       the hat and mask
       the polyester and glitter that didn’t keep out the rain
and the clown shoes.
He finds his workman’s pants and his path
       and walks again
He thought he could run but he walks again
       in the rain

The dirty acid rain splashes
around him, serves only to cleanse him
as he walks. The echoes of his steps
reach the corners of the world, but his steps
are quiet.
His feet are bare
and his blood marks his path.
The acid rain can’t fade it.

He brings the fields green to the city
       the grey sea-rush to the suburb
the ancient stone to the skyscraping offices.
Brings faerie lights to the freeway
       faerie breaths to the runway
hedgerow-river mead to the glass apartments.

He sends home dreams as he walks in new steps,
bare and brave in the rain.

(First published in the forum on atu2.com)