Dream 42

If your voice is not the taste of a dream in my mouth
is not the whisper of the child under my skin
is not the hopeful face at my door
is not the yin-yang windchime of heaven and hearth
then nothing is.

Acting in accord with the time,
I respond as you respond: in art
and action.

If your heartbeat is not the roar of a moon on a screen
is not the silence of a beast in a city
is not the jump of a jackhammer in an alley
is not the cry of overtouched stone
then nothing is.

and incarnation.

If your body is not a bridge and a shelter
is not the dawn sun drifting upriver
is not the sweat of leather and timber
is not the black eyes of black water
then nothing is.

as you respond:

The taste of a dream in my mouth.
The roar of a moon on a screen.
A bridge and a shelter.