A takeaway wish on a takeaway star

Either way, let it be quick and let it be gentle.
And let there be someone to touch
and someone to listen.

In every timezone birthing, unbirthing.
At every moment prayer, for
you, etching silent thought or wailing,
or speaking quietly or strongly or chanting,
or being written or being read
on emails, blogs and forums, calling
to Jesus or Allah or us or quantum physics
or old photographs
or makeshift beds
or tired eyes
or art.

Now this exists.

If the Internet is a poet the poem is written in a layer above us
If the Earth is a poet the poem is written in a layer below and around us
If the sea is a poet and the sky is a poet and you are a poet and I am a poet
take one for medicine and two for magic and three for hope
and all the rest for love

(First published in Fieralingue)