Bring to mind a nylon garden
and a paper bird-bath.
A lead bird with four wings
and a plastic gardener with aniseed eyes.

Do you like it?

Imagine a melamine desert
and steel tumbleweeds.
A bald saloon with rubber walls
and a silicon bartender with margarine lips.

Do you like it?
Will you eat here?
Do you like your restaurant?

Can you see your name
on your chair
where your hot skeleton waits
for its chemicals?

Bring to mind a Jell-O cubicle
with a painted view.
A fur television with fifty screens
and a holographic prostitute with no legs.

Do you like it?
Will you stay here?
Do you like your hotel?

Can you see your needle
on your table
where your tainted skeleton shakes
for its input?

Imagine a titanium bathroom
a velour phone
and a three-armed valet with corduroy hair.
This will be yours. Do you like it?

(First published in Malleable Jangle)