Take my hand in a firm grip
Lead me from the grey concrete sadness
Fire me out forward into
wild beauty of expanding treetop light.

I find my place here, floating
Flying like Superman (though I can’t save the world)
Six senses tuned to thrilling harmony
An n-dimensional mental laser light show.

Spectral spirals twinkle down
Feather-falling into a luminous pool
Softly, gently they merge
And I follow them down through the weightless depths.

Swathes of velvet fire
stroke me with calm green and blue.
Jagged red-gold icicles
Aimed and quivering, punch the air…

Pinprick swords cut brilliance!
Liquid light erupts and swoops and leaps!
Photon sculptures dance through me
In electrifying kaleidoscope embrace

I have surrendered myself.
The fireworks soften without fading
Slow me, calm me, smooth me out
Lower me gently onto a sunlit grass carpet.