Poetry editor review! Tineke Van der Eecken on the value of editing

As a poetry editor, one doesn’t often get reviews. Last year I was engaged by poet and memoirist Tineke Van der Eecken to edit and restructure the manuscript of her first full-length collection of poems. I also acted as an online literary assistant, sending out submissions for Tineke. With my help, her poems were published in several journals, and one was highly commended in a competition. In August, Tineke wrote an article about our collaboration on her blog.

My poems appear this year in Tamba, The Lake, Grieve, Burrow, as well as Creatrix and Poetry d’Amour. I cannot recommend Jackson more as a poetry editor … And guess what: the opening poem to the manuscript is shortlisted for the Ros Spencer Poetry Award.

Perhaps I can be your poetry editor, too! Learn more about me and my poetry editing services here.

Here’s a selfie of me having fun one evening creating a satisfying sequence from Tineke’s poems. Check out her highly-commended poem My weeds.

Poetry editor Jackson working on restructuring a manuscript