Standard rates and writer appearance fees for my literary services, which include commissioned writing, poetry competition judging, poetry editing, manuscript assessment, proofreading, self-publishing, performances, readings, author talks, compering, event organisation, workshops, courses and private lessons.

Standard rates

For workshops, performances or appearances, I will negotiate a rate based on the Australian Society of Authors’ recommended rates. For all other services I ask $60 per hour with a minimum fee of $60. Poetry feedback and editing usually takes 30–45 minutes for an average poem of 20–60 lines. I offer concession rates to those who need them.

Limited funding?

If you’re a non-profit organisation with limited funding — or a poor person whose writing makes my spine tingle — I may be willing to negotiate a reduced rate or some other arrangement, so please feel free to contact me about your project.

My performances are free for charitable groups. I will usually perform free for non-profit organisations who will let me display and sell my books at their event.


If you have a large project, such as the editing of a long manuscript, I can give you a quote. Please tell me about your expectations and budget.

Contact me

The above rates are in Australian dollars. They are current at January 2021 and are subject to change.

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