2020 poetry publications

Jackson’s 2020 poetry publications


The Poetry Archive:
     Pause Breathe Listen Act (performance video)


Letters to our Home: Creative Reflections on the Climate Crisis (print book), Follow That Cat Publications:
     Pause Breathe Listen Act

These Tiny Threads Remind Me: The Written in the Time of COVID-19 Anthology (e-book and print book), Shire of Nillumbik:
     The things I’ve learned
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Democratic Poetic: Poetry Matters Issue 40, Green Tree Publishing:
     The Hokusai tree

Creatrix Anthology 3 (print book), WA Poets Publishing:
     The dust-encrusted crush


Science Write Now 3:
     At the University Library
     That vast sea
     The tiny echo

Cordite 96:
     This abstraction

Westerly 65(1):
     For perspective

Writ Poetry Review 4:

Creatrix 48:
     The code
     In early Djilba

Creatrix 49:
     The mammogram machine
     The priority seat

Creatrix 50:
     Observed constraints
     Shrunken and small

Creatrix 51:
     Things (2019)

PPC COVID Drum 4, Perth Poetry Club:
     its colours

PPC COVID Drum 13, Perth Poetry Club:
     scrambled egg
     The teeth