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  • perform at your festival, celebration, event or function. I can recite classic or contemporary poetry, perform my own poetry, or write you something individual and special. I can set poems to music and play songs. I have a wide range of material to suit different settings, audiences and age groups.
  • entertain your punters with spoken word while your band is setting up
  • run a poetry slam at your school
  • perform and talk poetry at your school, library or writers’ group
  • organise guest poets for your function
  • organise and MC a poetry event at your winery, cafe, bookshop, etc

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How much does it cost?

Audio and video

How much does it cost?

Please send me a description of your budget and requirements. I can give you a quote if you need one, or we can agree on an hourly rate. I perform free for charitable groups. I will usually perform free for non-profit organisations who will let me display and sell my books at their event. I love performing, so I usually say yes! but if I can’t help you myself I’ll try to suggest others who can. My standard rates are listed here.

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See my resume
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