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I had very little confidence in my poetry until I asked Jackson to go through it. She told me what was effective and where I needed to put more work in. She is a thorough editor, not afraid to change or question, and helps bring the best out of each poem. Since then I have had poems published in Blackmail Press, Creatrix, Famous Reporter, Uneven Floor and Going Down Swinging.
— Tineke Van der Eecken, Tineke Creations

Poetry help from $13.50

What you’ll get: For each poem you will receive a score out of 5 on the artistic merit of your idea or concept; a score out of 5 on the standard of the writing; and a short paragraph briefly stating the poem’s strengths and weaknesses. (If you would prefer an in-depth assessment with detailed editing suggestions, please contact me for a quote. Include a brief sample of your poetry.)

Prices are in Australian dollars.

Tactful Online Poetry Feedback poetry help

How to get your

  1. Put each poem in its own document. I prefer .odt format (from LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc) but will accept Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), .rtf, .pdf or plain text.
  2. Do a word count on each poem. In LibreOffice: Tools → Word Count. In Microsoft Word: Review → Word Count.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions below.
  4. Use the Paypal buttons below to buy your assessments. (You don’t need a Paypal account.)
  5. Follow the Send Poetry instructions below the buttons to send me your document and the Paypal receipt number or transaction ID. I will reply with your assessments.

Buy your assessment

Each button will take you to your Shopping Cart, where you can enter the number of poems you want assessed. If some of your poems are in a different word-count range, you’ll need to come back here to buy assessments for them.

  • Poem of 250 words or less: $13.50
  • Poem of 500 words or less: $18
  • Poem of 750 words or less: $22.50
  • Poem of 1000 words or less: $27
  • More than 1000 words: Please contact me for a quote. Include a brief sample of your poetry.

Send Poetry

Please email your poems, a list of titles and word counts, and the Paypal receipt number or transaction ID to thepoetjackson at gmail dot com. Please use “Poetry for assessment from YOUR NAME” as the subject line. I will reply with your assessments. Many thanks for your purchase — I look forward to reading your poetry.

Who am I to be offering this?

Jackson by Annamaria Weldon

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Terms and conditions

  • Any words after the paid-for word counts and any poems not paid for will be ignored.
  • No correspondence will be entered into. If you want a second email about a poem, please use the buttons to request another assessment. If you want to have an email, Skype or face-to-face conversation about a poem, please contact me for a quote. My standard hourly rates are here.
  • Assessments usually take between 1 and 3 working days. Response times are not guaranteed, sorry, because there’s only one of me. If your assessment seems to be taking a long time, feel free to contact me.
  • Assessments provided are my opinion only. I can’t guarantee that you will be published, win a competition, or impress your mother. I will do my best to provide expert feedback, but I take no responsibility for anything that happens or does not happen in your poetry career or in any other aspect of your life.
  • Privacy: I will not share your email address, poetry, assessment, or any other details with anyone. I will not plagiarise your poetry. I will not add you to a mailing list or send you marketing, followup messages or surveys.

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