Many hands

The day before the fridge broke down
++++I wished it would
++++shut up

As I listened, trying to breathe,
++++the noise separated
I could hear the electrons
++++shocking about in the wires
the liquefied gas gurgling thinly
++++in the pipes
a ringing like a legion of teeny steel hammers
++++beating and beating on teeny steel tubes

It sounded like a mill of miniature machines
++++worked by miniature sweating slaves
The heat exchanger was crammed
++++with tiny miserable elves
They couldn’t get at the food
++++they worked all day to cool
I heard stomachs roaring,
++++lungs gargling, feet shuffling

Many mouths were whispering
++++Many hands began to twist
++++and pull

First published in Ink Sweat & Tears, 8 July 2021

between the bones of my temples

the silence has no colour no temper
and yet is as warm as my blood
according to Husserl, Descartes’
cogito includes not just thinking
as red as my reddest meat
on paper fingers riffle
but also feelings desires
I love therefore
in my throat a clicky gulp
refrigerator snargles and screes
I am if you’re human love is a thing
of the flesh we don’t speak of
its discordant gasmetal anthem
the wide sigh of a car passing
even platonic
love is about physical

the silence is the liquid inside
my eyes like ultrasound gel
the Enlightenment without love is
yang without yin anarchy without
a transmission medium the sounds so cold
the riffle white the sigh a black swathe
empathy or land unable to touch

that is the god that
when my breath goes out of my nostrils
goes out and becomes all the air
justifies murder in the name
drives the father to sell
the silence between
the stars in space my ears
into slavery that instructs
the mother abandon her
between the bones of my temples
a crow’s voice from a blue
baby that legislates
the lovers they cannot
aeroplane’s voice collecting sky
spitting it everywhere

but the Divine if you actually
experience for example
the rails singing green heralding
a crow’s open voice
by the Headless Way
is love benevolent

From A coat of ashes. First published in The Authorised Theft Papers, the Australasian Association of Writing Programs’ (AAWP’s) 2016 conference proceedings.

The Headless Way, originated by Douglas Harding, is a particular approach to investigating the nature of one’s being.

Poetry editor review! Tineke Van der Eecken on the value of editing

As a poetry editor, one doesn’t often get reviews. Last year I was engaged by poet and memoirist Tineke Van der Eecken to edit and restructure the manuscript of her first full-length collection of poems. I also acted as an online literary assistant, sending out submissions for Tineke. With my help, her poems were published in several journals, and one was highly commended in a competition. In August, Tineke wrote an article about our collaboration on her blog.

My poems appear this year in Tamba, The Lake, Grieve, Burrow, as well as Creatrix and Poetry d’Amour. I cannot recommend Jackson more as a poetry editor — check her out! And guess what: the opening poem to the manuscript is shortlisted for the Ros Spencer Poetry Award.

Perhaps I can be your poetry editor, too! Learn more about me and my poetry editing services here.

Here’s a selfie of me having fun one evening creating a satisfying sequence from Tineke’s poems. Check out her highly-commended poem My weeds.

Poetry editor Jackson working on restructuring a manuscript