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I’m a trained, experienced online educator and group facilitator. I’m also a much-published, awarded poet with years of practice writing, editing and teaching poetry.

My teaching style is friendly and supportive: there’s no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ writing, no judgment, assessment or competition — just encouragement, inspiring writing experiments and easy-to-understand information.

Do you want to write poems to express yourself and have fun? Maybe you also want to win poetry competitions and get your poems published? I can help you learn to write better poetry.

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Jackson’s honest, respectful feedback has helped me to write with more confidence. … Because Jackson is so willing to share her knowledge, I always come away feeling that I’ve learned something new.
— Elizabeth Nicholls. Read a poem by Elizabeth here.

There is no right or wrong with Jackson: she will simply help you to find places within yourself and your writing that have not yet had permission (from you) to come out. Jackson gives you the permission to give yourself that permission — and this is the basis for fine creative work.
— Andrea Barnard, published in Creatrix and Uneven Floor (so far!).

Jackson by Annamaria Weldon

Some of my workshops and courses

  • Expand your boundaries. Leap or tiptoe out of your poetic comfort zone in a supportive group environment. Let my writing experiments lead you to write in new ways. Look at example poems and discuss how form can create feeling.
  • Poem Clinic. Don’t abandon your sick and injured poems: bring them in for a friendly group healing session. Some need cosmetic surgery; some need deep healing. Explore what works, what doesn’t, and what to do about it.
  • Writing for the Ear. Discover how contemporary poets use the music of language to affect the reader’s consciousness. Learn about the different kinds of pause and silence; the types of line break and their effects; consonance, assonance and rhyme, and their effects; and the principles underlying rhythm and cadence in English-language poetry.
  • Perennially Popular Poetry. It’s often said that poets today are writing for each other — but what if we want to capture the imagination of those who are not poets, critics or students? Learn what it takes to write a great poem, and maybe come away with some of your own.
  • Create Your Own 21st-Century Poems. A 7-week introduction to contemporary poetry.
  • A System of Linked Sounds. An approachable, hands-on look at rhythm and meter in English-language poetry.
  • ‘Expand your boundaries’ experimental creative writing. A 7-week introduction to contemporary creative writing.
  • Custom online poetry workshops to suit your needs. More ideas:
    • Publishing and promoting your writing online
    • Internet and computer skills for writers
    • Publishing and self-publishing poetry
    • Reading and appreciating poetry

Unless otherwise indicated, all my online poetry workshops and courses are suitable for beginning writers and those with some experience.

I first met Jackson at a TAFE writing course she was conducting a few years ago. It was a really great course and from that time with Jackson I have strengthened my passion for writing.

A few years later I joined Jackson at Poetry Kitchen and found it very beneficial. This led me to have some private sessions with Jackson and I gained so much from the one-on-one experience. Jackson can take a bow for getting me to the stage of publishing a poem. Since then I have had four poems published in Creatrix and a short story in ‘Redgum Reports’, who approached me to write something for Anzac Day 2013.

Jackson is a great teacher and her own writing is a wonderful inspiration to the student. She has given me the confidence to continue.

Thank you Jackson for all the inspiration and drive. Even when it gets tough I know you have been there — great teacher, and beautiful poetry with such strength.

— Ann Harrison, 2014

How much does it cost?

Please send me a description of your budget and requirements. I can give you a quote if you need one, or we can agree on an hourly rate. If I can’t help you myself I’ll try to suggest others who can. My standard rates are listed here.

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