Storied Poetry 18 Nov: Polain, Jackson, Ryan, Glance & more

1-4pm Wednesday 18 November 2015
at Edith Cowan University Mount Lawley,
Building 6, Room 6.114

Enjoy an afternoon of poetic storytelling. We will present some of our poetry and discuss the stories behind it.

Marcella Polain
Vivienne Glance
Shevaun Cooley
Marziya Mohammedali
Glen Phillips
John Ryan

The International Centre for Landscape and Language is hosting an event focusing on the idea of storied poetry. As the art of distilling and crystallising language, the writing of poetry often involves stories that inspired, informed or impinge upon the final work. Such stories can be implicit parts of the background or subtext of poems. They are often tacit, implied or adumbrated — not fully revealed in the verse itself.

The stories could include a poet’s experiences that instigated the writing, knowledge of the natural environment that figures into the verse, or uncanny communications from other worlds, regions or time periods. The stories could be humorous or serious, light or tragic, mundane or profound, spiritual or material, conceptual or empirical. They could be conveyed in verbal language, visual images, or sensory evocations. They could pertain to process or outcome.

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