Poetry in response to modern physics. Tue 10 Nov

1-4pm Tuesday 10 November 2015
at Edith Cowan University Mount Lawley,
Building 10, Room 308

CREATEC Research Event: Voices of Reason

My presentation at this seminar will be entitled Poetry in response to modern physics: a work in progress. To background and inform my creative project I am researching how poets have responded to the findings of modern physics, especially relativity, quantum theory and cosmology. I am particularly interested in how imagery, language and form can be used to interrogate these theories of the deepest levels of existence. This presentation will review and reflect on what I have found to date.

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CREATEC Research Event: Voices of Reason: celebrating when good sense has been spoken.

The 21st century has proven to be a period in which preceding understandings, institutions and methodologies have come under intense scrutiny and challenge. This has created opportunities for improvement, but also undermined long-standing and important social foundations. In this context employing reason and considering what is good sense is urgently needed.

Time, Text and People research staff and students will present 10-15 minute papers on research or creative work, with a particular emphasis on the expression of reason and ‘good sense’ — as interpreted by the researcher.