My PhD proposal seminar

My PhD research proposal seminar is on Friday 19 June at 11am in room 10.308 at Edith Cowan University Mt Lawley.

Sangam: a book of poems


light is a word for connection light
is a word light
is a word for relation

grow a text-organism that enacts connection grow
a text-object that invites relation grow
a text-body that embodies light

see [un]Theories of Everynothing in the between between the lines see
in the stanzas be-twain the space see
in the difference in the words write

an [un]work on [un]consciousness in poetic [un]thought

The project will explore how well poetry, particularly experimental poetry, can bring together scientific ideas and Eastern spiritual and philosophical ideas in the context of 21st-century society and its members’ lived experience.

Writing experiments will be used to generate text. Experimental and traditional techniques will then be used to evolve form and grow connections.

The writing will be a meeting place — sangam — where ideas, methods and texts that may be seen as oppositional will come together.

From a systems perspective a text may be considered an organism: a complex entity with emergent properties. A reader-organism connects with a text-organism, creating a new organism with its own emergent properties, such as interpretations and affects.

What will emerge from the sangam?

Supervisors: Dr Marcella Polain and Dr Ffion Murphy
Reviewers: Dr Paul Uhlmann and Professor John Kinsella