“A coat of ashes” launch, 4 May 2019, Perth Poetry Club

Book cover, 'A coat of ashes' by JacksonLaunched by

JACKSON in sound & spirit


Plus open mike­
Pizzas afterwards

Sales at the launch will be Pay As You Feel

2pm at The Moon Cafe, 323 William Street, Northbridge
Enquiries: perthpoetryclub at gmail dot com

Can’t come? Get it online for only AUD$12.95 at recentworkpress.com

The pure tone
     of each electron
The pure functions
The math inside the atom
The muscles connecting
     the trunk to the legs
The tendons connecting
     the moon to the earth
The ligaments connecting
     the brain to the bones
A blanket,
A coat of ashes

This collection traverses science and spirituality, philosophy and matter. Drawing from physics, systems theory, Daoism and more, it contemplates profound questions about our place within a world of being. With deft silences and fine observations, these poems explore both modern and ancient paths to knowledge, seeking to ‘fully apprehend nature, including our fellow beings, and foster a reverent respect for it’. (Publisher’s description)

‘This collection, richly suffused with a personal metaphysics, delicately balances the most crucial aspects of being on a bridge between dark and light. One feels that the words in A coat of ashes might be written and received on the skin.’
— Dominique Hecq

‘Jackson’s work is both original and rooted in a number of poetic traditions, which it deftly fuses. The poems in A coat of ashes are beautifully composed, coherent and crystalline. This rich, creative work makes a genuine contribution to contemporary poetry.’
— Fiona Sampson MBE FRSL