Beatles Lie Shattered

The Beatles lie shattered across the world
One is dead and irreplaceable
and the others busy themselves with
Michael Jackson owns their songs
Can he understand the music?
I myself only glimpse a glimmer
I can imagine them together jamming in
a room smiling at one another
Can Michael Jackson?
Song being used in an ad!

One Beatle looks back rationally in an interview
I read and says something like
‘Oh well. but life must go on’
Which was never true.
The world stumbles on
Poppies grow and fall
The New Beatles! The New Beatles!
I wasn’t there — I half
understand it.
The world tumbles on
And the Beatles lie shattered.

Billboard Girl

A made-up girl.
I think she wasn’t born.
I think she was made up

from a media blueprint.
I think she’s just a TV ad
that came off the screen and onto the street.

A fashion plate.
I’m sure she’s synthetic.
I’m sure they fabricated her

to show the latest look.
I’m sure they glued the newest clothes
to the current make-up and hair, and there she was.

A perfect ‘10’.
I know she can’t be real.
I know she’s only transient

with nothing on the inside.
I know that in six months
she’ll be gone. Replaced by the new model.

(First published in Demented Bliss, Central Coast Poetry Society, Queensland 1990)

Dark City

I sit unlit in a corridor crammed with dark directions,
in a building’s belly, in the womb of the night.
I sit down on the floor, round a corner,
out of the way,
and let the quiet air wrap me,
diffuse into my pores, hiding me:

I am hid from the day’s dull demigods
The tax man and the facts man
and the soft focus ad woman.
I am hid. They are in their places
and they don’t know the light within the dark.
They are blind. At last I am lost.