Performance Poets

‘Performance Poets’ book cover

say something

If I
want to speak
here, it seems I must wear
this colourful suit
they have given me. They say
it looks good on me,
makes me appear more
interesting. But

it’s too small:
my shoulders are too broad,
my arms reach well beyond the cuffs,
my hips are too wide,
I can hardly bend my knees
and everyone can see
my Achilles tendons.

Also, I’m afraid of getting stuck in it.

I long to tear it off,
shrug on my own
plain garments, go

But this is the only Speakers Corner in town
and there are people
unheard —
because they have no clothes,
or because they’re caged —
so please beware of popping buttons
as I say something

for them.

I don’t consider myself a ‘performance poet’, but some Western Australians seem to think of me that way. I have a micro-collection of poems in Performance Poets, published in 2013 by Fremantle Press. The book also includes collections from Jeremy Balius, Byron Bard, Allan Boyd (Antipoet), Liana Joy Christensen, Gabrielle Everall, Amber Fresh, Afeif Ismail, Dosh Luckwell, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Kaitlyn Plyley and John Charles Ryan. It comes with downloadable audio performances and an introduction by Rebecca Giggs.

Poems for the Revolution of Love

Poems for the Revolution of Love (2012). 24 pages of poems by Jackson, Coral Carter and Terry Farrell.

‘Poems for the Revolution of Love’ zine cover

outside the window II

At 38,000 feet
Felicity’s plump
pink lips
Her skin is
punctured once
beneath her
bottom lip.
Grey wolf eyes
stare into mine.
Can I help you with anything?
Outside the window
the sky is
dazzle whiter
February ends.
One of us
is in trouble.
I tell it
the only way
I know.
Face autumn with the
legions of love
at your shoulder.

Coral Carter

View or download zine

Published in 2012 by Janet Jackson. 24 pages. ISBN 9780987080929. Cover design by Jackson. Photos by Coral Carter.

q finger

q finger, my chapbook published by PressPress in 2011. 24 bittersweet poems.

‘q finger’ book cover

q finger

I want to lock my face cams
on your chocolate-cake eyes
ski your hardline nose with my q finger
swipe your plush-ice mouth with my spacebar trackpad thumb
examine with my i finger
the precious folds and little faint hairs
of your pinna
trickle my j finger down the long line
from the left hinge
and my f finger down the long line
from the right hinge
of your jaw
to the sharp tip of your chin

and breathe on you like I breathed
on my babies.

Make that word
— ‘sensual’ —
mean something.

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