I widen my focus
     past eyelids
     beyond skull
make myself a great circle
     a spreading dome
     broad & broader view

The land is dotted
with other beings
     & you
     the locus

maybe just
     getting up,
     yr neck, spine
     yr shoulderblades, triceps, elbows, fingers
     yr abs, thighs, knees, toes
maybe buying coffee, chatting
maybe sauntering here & there, talking
     to this one & that one
maybe hunched at a table
     with yr papers
maybe listening,
     leaning forward,
     head up,
     eyes intent,
     tongue & lips
     & kneading
maybe yawning & thumbing yr phone
     a little anxious,
     solar plexus
     twitching its whiskers,
     fingertips picking
     & fiddling
maybe not

I am your skin bones sinews I am your synapses flicking I am the gentle creep & sudden sprung leap of your thoughts I am

sitting in the garden in the cool air morning
     with the famous Perth sunshine on my back
It’s early spring
I’m meditating in my own odd way on the sound of the birds
     (& okay the power tools aeroplanes trucks)
     (but mostly the birds)
     (& my clean breathing)
The pigeons call to each other
I’m meditating in my own odd way in the famous Perth sunshine
     on the sound of the birds & my clean breathing & you
     'd be welcome
     to join me

(First published in foam:e)