(London to Dublin 2005)

Up like a shot off a shovel in Aer Lingus’s
shamrock embrace seatfabric woven
with the writings of Joyce and Yeats sky
melds with sea in a one of blue plane
if you fall fall now

Captain’s longsentence voice how arr ye
ladies and gentlemen welcome flight
attendant you OK there pay
in euro break a note Irish
breakfast on a plastic tray sweet
juice bacon and egg sausage
pudding smooth coffee soft
bread sky melds with sea in a wideness
of blue I plane cloud
blue cloud other plane cloud
blue if you fall
fall now

Cloud cloud green coastline
green green where I I
I want to be and Ireland’s Eye
in Dublin Bay and riverbits and buildings
and bluegreen watching mountains an airport
on the outskirts nearly in the country signed

I don’t need an airbridge faeries
float me across the tarmac breathing

(First published in Cottonmouth)