2005 poetry publications

In the church of my skull. Chapbook.

Fieralingue, Italy:
A takeaway wish on a takeaway star
In the mirror-maze
Lay your noise on me

Malleable Jangle:
Way over here in Australia

PixelPapers, Perth:
I will be silent

In the eyes of it. The weighing of the heart. Sunline Press, Perth. Anthology.

Thirst, Perth:
Now this is a poem about coffee

2004 poetry publications

Fieralingue, Italy:
Breastfeeding a newborn
Come home
Dream 40
I am your sunlight
Stick to the truth
The fisherwoman
Would you like some soup?

Windows. Marginata, no. 5, WA State Literature Centre & WA Writers Centre, Perth.

PixelPapers, Perth:
For the cool one
Imagine being the singer’s wife
Into the moshpit

WordThirst, Perth:
Don’t go there
Why I
Yet not his sister

1990-2000 poetry publications

An Endless Afternoon, Lioness Press, Perth, 2000:
14 weeks
A female poem
Breastfeeding a newborn
Callan is born
Samantha 7 weeks
What it feels like (on a good day)

The West Australian, 1993:
My brother is dead
New baby

Truth Eyes. Heartland, no. 4, edited by Steve Husband and Dene Vilkins, Queensland, September 1992.

Aversion, no. 3, Fremantle, Winter 1992.
Untitled (I’m the daughter)

Observation Winter 1990. Wasteland, edited by Steven Murphy and Michael Scammell, vol. 2, no. 1, Australia, 1993.

A female poem. Mattoid, Deakin University, 1991.

Night Walk. Raven, vol. 1, no. 1, Nedlands, Western Australia, 1990.

Billboard Girl. Demented Bliss, Henry Kendall Poetry Award, 1990.