black coat

Rain violent on the station roof
I’m half-drunk at midnight
waiting for the last train
Rain in my eyes, stupid
black rain of goodbyes

If I could wear this black coat all day all night
meet eyes with a shared
begin a beautiful
if I could
if I

Cold buzz terminal air
I’m half-drunk at 8pm
waiting for a boarding call
Black coat on my back
Black rain in my eyes

If I could wear these lines

Deep-city concrete, Skybus plush
I’m hungover at midday
flushed down the freeway
Black coat kissing my neck
Salt lakes in my eyes

If I could wear these lines on my face
these lines just to
touch you, to

A Lego argument rends the silent Web
I’m sober at happy hour
staring through the glass
Black coat on its hook
and there’s a plane in the sky

If I could fold up space
If I could tear up time
If I could trace these singular lines with my hands
with my mouth
with my

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