The upper bound

10-21, 1 zeptometer
61 megaparsecs, diameter of the local
About 60 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo
A Chill Book, A Chill Philosophy
A Chinese way of saying “myriad things”
A dense soup of electron & quark plasma that provides
And does not strive. It flows in places
And the largest voids and filaments
Are the sum of entities generated
By the joining of yin and yang.
Cartoon Guide to the Fascinating Realm
Cats, toasters, people, the sun
Chapter 16 — weed’s home page
Covering all aspects of Taoist history
Diameter (in metres) of the Virgo Supercluster
Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind rest at peace.

Galaxy clusters arrange themselves
I have been reading the Tao Te Ching
In dwelling, be …
In the past years, several attempts have been made
In the philosophical schools.
In these writings Lao Tzu sets out
Is fundamental

Its name is the Virgo Supercluster
John Cage: The ten thousand
Language versions, the line which
Lao Tzu and I have noticed
Means “All created things”. Chapter 1
Measuring the observable universe
Merely a biological drawback
Myriad creatures definition
Named objects and things of the universe

Non-dual consciousness
On a larger scale is something
Once thought to be the largest
Our galaxy, our local
Our local group of galaxies is being pulled
Quarks combine to form particles called hadrons, the most stable of which
Returning to the beginning of things, or to one’s own childhood
Rise and fall while the Self watches
Subcomponents of quarks and leptons

Superclusters are typically seen
That tiny dot that you can hardly make out
The Big Bang, Second Edition
The Big Bang, Third Edition
The Canon of Reason and Virtue
There really isn’t much of a creation myth
The Tao Te Ching (incomplete)
The ten thousand creatures and all plants and trees
The ten thousand things summary
The translator accepted the following version:

The Universe by Numbers
The upper bound
The Virgo Supercluster or the Local Supercluster
This is when the theory starts to go wrong.
This page relates
To connote the material diversity of the universe
To represent accurately in our minds
Two Up-Quarks and one Down-Quark. Right?

Universe Today
Upper limit (in metres) on the size of the quark
Very difficult to represent
Water drop, Cell, DNA
What exactly are superclusters and filaments and voids
When the self retreats
With regions of such size collapsing under their own gravity
You are More Important Than a Quark

Made from text taken from Google searches on “quark supercluster” and “ten thousand things taoism”


This dropped
as a bird fluttered free
from a claw. This:
black waves, soft sines
gathered and stitched
along a wand. This

is not an artefact. Between
its closed hooked ranks
its flaw, a slit, diffracts
the light. I long
to give the smooth folds
of this to my fingers, take
its intricate truth, but if

I caress, my adamant
digits will unrender this,
unpick, unzip, split, crush,
scramble its whispered Is.

On the turned face
of my fist, with the breathy tip
of this, I tickle the trace
of a wish.

feather: it's a feather poem

From A coat of ashes.
First published in The Authorised Theft Papers, the Australasian Association of Writing Programs’ 2016 conference proceedings.
Proudly included in the Western Australian poetry anthology Recoil 10: Ten Years of Perth Poetry Club, Mulla Mulla Press 2019.


The Tao that can be trodden is not | The random clicks of a geiger
All in the world know | Sun flung spangles, dancing coins
Not to value and employ men | Through very short times of space
The Tao is the emptiness | Between the bones of my temples

Heaven and Earth do not act | Their books do not proceed
The valley spirit dies | The mountain spirit rises up
Heaven is long-enduring and earth | Of newly-minted leptons
The highest excellence | Spun in a synchrotron’s shining turn

It is better to leave a vessel unfilled | Or leave it out in the rain
When the intelligent and animal | Meet, the ands are given back
The thirty spokes unite in the one | For thirty years of protest
Colour’s five hues | Music’s ∞ harmonies

Favour and disgrace would seem equally | Luminous compared to concrete
We look at it, and we do | Nothing we don’t know how to do
The skilful masters in old times | Had cunts that curved space
The vacancy should be brought | To the feet of the blonde-eyed anarchists

In the highest antiquity, did not know | The arguments of men
When the Great Tao | Counting the sounds of an acausal realm
If we could renounce our sageness | Without going bankrupt
When we renounce learning | And watch repeats of a reality show

The grandest forms of active force | Are all derived from hunger
The partial becomes complete | For something even more precious
Abstaining from speech marks him who is | Who truly glarks the light
He who stands on his tip toes | Still can’t reach the bulb

The mathematical symbol in line 12 reads “infinity”.

The left-hand half-lines are the opening words of each of the first 24 chapters of James Legge’s 1891 translation of the Daodejing, selected according to a metrical pattern. The italicised lines on the right are quoted from the following books: Einstein as Myth and Muse, by Alan Friedman and Carol Donley; A Key to Modern British Poetry, by Lawrence Durrell; Ulysses by James Joyce; lemon oil by Jackson.