2020 poetry publications

Jackson’s 2020 poetry publications


The Poetry Archive:
     Pause Breathe Listen Act (performance video)


Letters to our Home: Creative Reflections on the Climate Crisis (print book), Follow That Cat Publications:
     Pause Breathe Listen Act

These Tiny Threads Remind Me: The Written in the Time of COVID-19 Anthology” (e-book and print book), Shire of Nillumbik:
     The things I’ve learned
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Democratic Poetic: Poetry Matters Issue 40, Green Tree Publishing:
     The Hokusai tree

Creatrix Anthology 3 (print book), WA Poets Publishing:
     The dust-encrusted crush


Science Write Now 3:
     At the University Library
     That vast sea
     The tiny echo

Cordite 96:
     This abstraction

Westerly 65(1):
     For perspective

Writ Poetry Review 4:

Creatrix 48:
     The code
     In early Djilba

Creatrix 49:
     The mammogram machine
     The priority seat

Creatrix 50:
     Observed constraints
     Shrunken and small

Creatrix 51:
     Things (2019)

PPC COVID Drum 4, Perth Poetry Club:
     its colours

PPC COVID Drum 13, Perth Poetry Club:
     scrambled egg
     The teeth

2017-2019 publications

Jackson’s poetry and prose publications during 2017, 2018 and 2019.


2019. A coat of ashes (poetry collection). Recent Work Press, Canberra, Australia.

2019. The emptied bridge (poetry collection). Mulla Mulla Press, Perth, Australia.

Prose publications

2017. Daoism and the poetry of Randolph Stow, Judith Wright and Ursula K. Le Guin (essay). The High Window 8.

2018. A coat of ashes: A collection of poems, incorporating a metafictional narrative – and – Poetry, Daoism, physics and systems theory: a poetics: A set of critical essays (doctoral thesis). Edith Cowan University.

2017 poetry publications

“A dao of poetry? Non-intentional composition, emergence and intertextuality” (peer-reviewed paper) in The Authorised Theft Papers, the Australasian Association of Writing Programs’ 2016 conference proceedings:
A coat of ashes
A failed poem
between the bones of my temples
[ ]
The fundamental forces dream
The light
The thing U2
What is Tao?

Cordite 57:

Creatrix 38, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
The dappled shallows

Creatrix Anthology 2, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
The secret slip

LiNQ 42:
Touched all over
Stupider and stupider

Meniscus, volume 5, issue 1, June 2017
white furniture

The High Window 8:
One, two, three

Uneven Floor:
The catbeing

Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry:
am I not?
suck faint amity

2018 poetry publications

Axon 8(1):

The Canberra Times, 30 June:
Returning to the root

2019 poetry publications

Live Canon 2019 Anthology (50 poems longlisted in international competition), UK:
Home is where it gets dark

Locus (anthology), Out of the Asylum Writers Group (OOTA), Fremantle, Western Australia:
Gratitude at auckland airport

Recoil 10: Ten years of Perth Poetry Club, Mulla Mulla Press:

Poetry d’Amour 2019 (anthology), WA Poets Inc, Perth:

Ros Spencer Poetry Prize, first prize winner published online, WA Poets Inc, Perth:
Split and shaped

Brushstrokes (Ros Spencer Poetry Prize Anthology), WA Poets Inc, Perth:
At the University Library
Split and shaped

My poem ‘Split and shaped’ wins Ros Spencer Poetry Prize and is published online

Happy news! My poem “split and shaped” has won the 2019 Ros Spencer Poetry Prize and is published online here. I wrote it while doing an online course with the Poetry School. It was inspired by visiting England, where I was born. The competition was judged by Dennis Haskell.

The emptied bridge

The emptied bridge, my fourth full-length poetry collection.

‘The emptied bridge’ poetry book cover

From “soaked”

… We’re the flensing edge
of any of a hundred
newly risen

We’re the cornea
of a boy bodysurfing
beside an
outlet pipe …

The poems in Jackson’s fourth full-length collection explore themes of environment, society, gender, sexuality, parenthood, and daily life: the climate change of the world and the self. This is crafted, literary poetry, aware of its contemporaries and antecedents; yet these are poems that anyone with reasonable English can read or perform, that can break free from their author, go out and do work in the world. They encode rhythm and intonation along with possibilities of meaning. Their music will alter the atmosphere in your head. (Publisher’s description)

The emptied bridge explores isolation, connection, and landscapes internal and external. It is a wide-ranging collection that plays throughout with form, rhythm and technique. The poems are infused with intelligence, humour and a deep longing. Sometimes the language is haikuesque, delicate and light, sometimes it is philosophical or matter-of-fact, and often it is charged and raw. Jackson’s distinct voice captures the poignancy of loss and hope and the consolations of music, nature and colour. Edgy, visceral and muscular, The emptied bridge bravely carries its reader through experiences of shadow and light.
— Julie Watts (Legacy, UWA Publishing 2018, winner of the Dorothy Hewett Award for an Unpublished Manuscript)

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Published in 2019 by Mulla Mulla Press. 132 pages. ISBN 9780648542438